New composition by Manfred Stahnke for The Schoole

Manfred Stahnke has written a piece for The Schoole of Night. The composition has been commissioned by The Schoole and the International Jakob Böhme Society and it is designed for the acoustic space of the Nikolaikirche (St. Nicolas’ Church) in Görlitz and it is based on the texts of Jakob Böhme. It is written for soprano, trombone, viola, synthesiser and electric guitar.

The project will be produced together with the Evangelische Kulturstiftung Görlitz.



All Souls’ literary evening with The Schoole of Night in Wrocław

3 November 2017   Wrocławski Dom Literatury, 19.00

The Schoole will take part in the event “Zaduszki Literackie” (Literary All Souls’) in the Wrocław House of Literature (Wrocławski Dom Literatury).

In the programme: Diederich von dem Werder’s  songs of consolation (Trostlieder, 1653) and John Dowland’s songs form The Second Booke of Songs (1600) .


starts at 19.00

Wrocławski Dom Literatury

Przejście Garncarskie 2
50-107 Wrocław