the Night

zbyszek szumski schoole

This picture is by Zbigniew Szumski – the creator of Teatr Cinema in Michałowice, Poland. The image was first used in 2011 for a concert poster with The Schoole of Night – we performed John Dowland ‘s Second Booke of Songs during the Festival of Theatrical Music.

Zbyszek kindly allowed us to post this image – his vision of our Schoole, which we find very inspiring.  In 2011 we were with Teatr Cinema in Tokio, Japan where we performed Zbyszek’s play Hotel Dieu. For the coming years we are planning new projects together and that makes us very happy!

For more about Zbyszek, his theatre and his art, as well as the art of his wife Kasia (they’re both great artists) you can have a look at their website: